Thursday, February 19, 2009


So the weird thing about being pregnant is that everyone who has ever been pregnant, wants to be pregnant, or knows someone who has ever been pregnant, thinks they know what is best for your pregnancy and your baby. Like the waitress at the resturaunt who for lack of a better word TOLD me I was not going to have a full glass on wine (or even a sniff of another sip). Then i was working late and the only thing open at the hospital was McDonalds and the cafeteria. I chose McDonalds and the lady looked at me and said "is that McDonalds, you need to watch eating like that it is not good for that little one." Now don't get me wrong the best advice is the kind you get from Mothers, the key is knowing when to offer advice and when to keep it to yourself.


  1. I so get it! I've been glared at for eating one doughnut, never mind it's the only sweet I've had in a week; people think I'm being horrible for the baby! My whole understanding/belief is you know your own body. What it can handle. You know what the baby likes and dislikes (mine LOVES curry chicken, hates kielbasa) So I'll do what my body, baby and common sense tell me. Babies can survive most anything (except drugs and smoking)

    My worst was when I was grocery shopping and a woman examined my cart to "approve" it for me, felt my belly all over (without asking to touch!) and asked what the name was going to be and argued about it with us! Geez, why is it that a pregnant woman suddenly becomes Public Property anyway?

    And that comes with having our third child, people now give us worse looks as if we should suddenly not be pregnant because it's cheating our kids out. Wow.. I love having a baby, hate the journey!

    Hope it gets better for you!

  2. LOL - brings back many memories. Hang in there!