Monday, February 9, 2009

More Cowbell (errrr, daycare)

We toured our second daycare last week. The positive - it is much more convenient for both of us. It is about midway between our places of work. The downside - don't like the caregivers as much as the first, don't like the location as much (edge of downtown, in the shadow of the Pierce elevated, not much of a play yard), and it is more expensive. Basically, we liked the first place better, even if it is less convenient. Next up, we will tour the day care at our church. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive of the three. Julia is now having regrets about the whole day care thing, so this should be a fun decision.


  1. Julia - daycare is such a hard decision. I stayed home with my daughter for 9 months until I finally knew I needed to go back to work. I put money down on one daycare we kinda liked, then the next week, the one I really wanted came available so I switched (even though I lost money!) We are super happy with ours (she's been there now for almost a year and a half) It's a terribly hard decision, and one you honestly can't make before the baby arrives in my opinion. Hang in there! Praying for you!

  2. "not much of a play yard" -- how soon are you planning on having Bean outside playing?