Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ike Repairs, Redux

It is 2 steps forward, one step back on the repairs. They started the repairs earlier this week and in a day and a half had the mansard roof (the vertical part of the roof on the backside) stripped and re shingled. As you can see, it looks very nice.

However, it was somewhat curious because they stopped at our unit. The rest of the building was tar papered only.

It turns out they were not supposed to shingle the mansard roof portion. We are supposed to get hardiplank on the vertical sections, asphalt shingles on everything else. So, they have to tear the shingles back off. In the interim, they have continued on the rest of the roof and have gotten about half of the building completely done. Unfortunately, it is much slower going on the front because these buildings originally had ceder shingles over lathing. When fire codes outlawed cedar shingles, they just slapped asphalt shingles over them. So, now, they have to tear off the shingles and lathing and lay down plywood. It has slowed progress down a little bit and our roof still looks like this. Hopefully it will be finished this week.

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