Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Pictures from the Beach

We had such a good time at the beach with family and good friends.  Audrey has 3 different bathing suits so we decided to go with the strawberry bikini.  She did not have a hat so Papa tried to make her a sun hat you’ll see what I mean.IMG_8613 IMG_8608 IMG_8609 IMG_8612

We had her Cabana all set up in the sand.

IMG_8616 IMG_8614 IMG_8615

Our First Beach Day

This Weekend we went to surfside for the day with Mimi a Pops, Stephen, Angela and Joe-baby. Audrey had to show off her new bathing suit and sunglasses.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love her!!

Audrey- 7 weeks old and oh so CUTE!!!!

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Getting stronger everyday

Audrey is getting stronger and stronger everyday.  She doing a good job trying to hold her head up.  Now every time I try to cuddle with her she tries to pick her head up and look around.  She is getting so alert.  Here are a few pictures of her holding her head up.


IMG_8584 IMG_8582 IMG_8583

Here are just a few random picture of Audrey.

IMG_8576 IMG_8580

These are her Big Girl pants.  They are still a little big!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pretty in Pink

We went to church with Mimi and Papa and got all dressed up in our pretty pink dress. Everyone at church was so excited to see and meet Miss Audrey, and why - not she is such a cutie pie!
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