Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hopefully not a sign of things to come

It's official - we have the anti-green thumb. Try as we might, we cannot keep plants alive. In the past year, we have lost 2 hibiscus (hibiscii? hibiscuses?) - one was a victim of hurricane Ike. It was potted and sat in our humid house for the 3 days afterward and died. We killed some sort of bamboo plant thing that was supposed to be unkillable. Bella was probably largely responsible for killing off another one - it had long thin leaves like a spider plant and she liked to play tug of war with the leaves. We have one hanging on our patio that basically died, has since sort of recovered (half of it), but hasn't bloomed in a year. And finally, the latest - no idea why this one is dying. Not enough water? Too much water? Not enough sun, too much? Who knows - but, it is definitely on life support.

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  1. we have killed, 3 hostas, 1 bamboo plant, 1 very LARGE Cactus, a hanging pot of flowers (that we can't remember the name) the cat ate our fern, Zinnia's died in our planters, and our herb garden was killed by drowning. So you have a while to go before you get our black thumb. Right now we have a small cactus, two other ferns, a spider like plant (minus the Ivy that we killed that was in the planter with it) and a mystery plant that was given as a house warming gift.

    Sounds weird but try this: when ever you make eggs, save the shells. Put them in a glass of water, wait for a bunch of shells to add up. Then you use that water only to water the plant. (it's a hint from my father, a man with a BIG GREEN thumb.) it's kept our current plants alive! Good luck!