Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter Sunday was so much FUN, not only did we celebrate our RISEN SAVIOR but we had our first Easter egg hunt since we were all Kids. Miller was really the only one big enough to “hunt” the eggs but Audie sat there like a little princess and let everyone bring the eggs to her. She looked so beautiful in her little Easter dress. Here are some pictures. IMG_9232 IMG_9234 IMG_9237 IMG_9238 IMG_9240 IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9248 IMG_9251 IMG_9253 IMG_9255 IMG_9263 IMG_9270 IMG_9276 IMG_9278 IMG_9281 IMG_9285 IMG_9289 IMG_9291 IMG_9295 IMG_9296




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