Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crawling (kinda)

Audrey's new trick is that she crawls backwards. She pushes herself backwards with her hands. She hasn’t figured out the whole moving forward thing yet.

Wednesday we will be getting tubes placed in Audrey's ears.She has had constant fluid in her ears for months now and it has started to affect her hearing.  She would finish 10 days of antibiotics and two weeks later she would have another infection. The fluid just doesn’t drain right.  It is better to do it now so that it doesn’t delay her speech.

Dr. Duncan will be doing the procedure at Texas Children’s so keep us all in your prayer. 

Here are some recent pictures she is 8 months old and is getting so big.



Sharing a bottle with kizzie


Playing with Mommy’s balloon


Do I look sophisticated?




It’s eating me, it’s eating me

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