Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daddy Daycare

Today was my first day back at work after doing nothing for 12 weeks except bonding with my little one. Which meant Audie's first day at daycare. Jeremy and I were very diligent and got everything ready last night, labeling everything! We went over and over all the supplies making sure we packed everything (mainly diapers, she a pooper).

Since I go to work at 7 am Jeremy has the joy of dropping Audie off at daycare. Good thing for mommy cause I don't think I could have left her. The morning went pretty smooth, I guess (what do I know I was at work). But before I left I held her and rocked her and gave her "tons" of kisses, I started to get teary eyed and told myself, don't cry you will smear your makeup :)

After work I couldn't wait to get to daycare to pick up my little lady bug. Everyone said she did great and she had tummy time, singing time, story time, took three naps and pooped all day long.

I guess we will see what tomorrow holds.

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  1. Your doing WONDERFUL Julia! Audie has a great mommy who loves her so much.. but.. I must admit.. my tank is low of Audie photos! Do you have anymore?