Sunday, June 21, 2009

A few more Pictures

A few more pictures of Audrey.  She had to spend a little extended time in the nursery yesterday afternoon because her blood glucose was a little bit low – not much, just a little bit.  She just wasn’t eating enough but was much more interested in sleeping.  When we first saw her about 3 hours after birth, the nurses said that was the first time that she had been quiet – up until then she had been fussy, but when they brought her in, she just laid there and tried to sleep.  That meant of course that she wasn’t much interested in eating, and therefore the low glucose.  So, they kept her in the nursery for a couple of hours and made sure she was eating.  Of course, she ate plenty for the nurses, but, as soon as we try to feed her, all we get are messy diapers and half-hearted attempts.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get to meet a lot of or her visitors who came in Saturday afternoon because she was in the nursery. 


Grandma  and Grandpa Foster and Audrey


with Aunt Kristi


and with Aunt Wendy

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