Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hospital Tour

Today we took a tour of the hospital. We learned all kinds of things but mainly where the Cafeteria is and where the family waiting room is. The waiting room is pretty small, my family might be in trouble (or maybe the hospital will be in trouble) - if you have ever seen a bunch of Marsh's in one room you know it is a madhouse. The rest of the tour was . . . interesting, due to the rest of the people. One lady started out asking about birthing plans, who to give it to, etc., and by the end of the tour was asking about the c-section procedure. Since I'm pretty sure a c-section isn't in her birth plan, I'm guessing she's a worrier. It seems that natural child birth is the new fad (or old fad), you know more power to you if that is your wishes but I believe that GOD invented Drugs for a reason!! I want DRUGS!!! My only question is how soon can I start.

I am convinced that little Audrey is going to come one way or the other and that no matter how much I "plan" she is going to enter this world exactly how she wants. So I am just going to "roll with the punches" so to speak.

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